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Our values

Safety, reliability and quality, but most importantly for us, always putting the human relationship with our customers at the forefront. These are the guiding principles of our work.

The utmost attention to detail, including aesthetic details, combined with the flexibility to adapt its products to individual needs, make Carrozzeria71 and its Handytech brand a leader in the design and manufacturing of driving adaptations and transport solutions for persons with restricted mobility.


Since 1971, Carrozzeria71 has continued to research and patent increasingly innovative solutions to implement the HANDYTECH brand, always in close contact with the new demands. Our solutions are dedicated to those who don’t want to give up moving, in style and in complete freedom.


It is not enough to provide a "device" to meet the customer's needs. Handytech's network of dealerships guarantees the required expertise and reliability for suggesting and installing the most suitable technological solutions, as well as for assistance and additional services. The same principles inspired the setting up of the largest fleet of rental cars with multiple adaptations and modifications: Handytechrent, with Authorized Centres spread throughout Italy.


Handytech stands by each customer, helping them to choose the technological solutions most suitable to their needs. The HANDYTECH network provides assistance with bureaucratic procedures, for obtaining special licences, tax breaks and financial solutions. All vehicle solutions are shared, flexible and can be modified as required.


We work closely with all manufacturers, industry associations and rehabilitation centres, with the aim of breaking down all barriers, physical and social. The real challenge is not to help people move, but to create the conditions for people to enjoy freedom and independence.