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Handytechrent is the first European fleet of rental vehicles with multiple adaptations giving the opportunity to people with limited mobility to drive and be transported. The certainty of being able to find a specially adapted vehicle at one of the network's dealers.
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Handytechrent is the only service which offers rental vehicles with multiple adaptations across Italy, available from Authorised Handytech Centres. Handytechrent relies on an extensive service network, providing a very broad and unprecedented coverage.


Handytechrent offers a range of rental vehicles equipped with aids which allow 70% of drivers in possession of special driving licenses to get behind the wheel. The pathologies involved are paraplegia, hemiplegia and amputation.


All cars with driving adaptations are equipped with a standard automatic gearbox, climate control and car stereo. Each car is equipped with dual controls to help drivers who have not yet taken their driver's exam, or are in the process of converting their license.


Vehicle availability is ensured by a network of over 60 Authorised Handytech Centres across Italy, all managed by trained professionals at your service ready to provide all the information required to use the devices correctly, and in complete safety.


Individuals, for private use. Car dealerships and authorised Handytech centres as demonstration models or courtesy vehicles to replace vehicles being repaired. Hospitals and rehabilitation centres, tourist agencies, hotels and all bodies and associations which need to use or rent a car for people with limited mobility. Equipped with dual controls, Handytechrent vehicles are also suitable for use by driving schools.

Service features


Rental vehicles are equipped with standard equipment and safety features, an automatic gearbox and climate control. Through the special adaptations, approximately 70% of people with limited mobility resulting from hemiplegia, amputations and paraplegia, can use these vehicles in complete safety. Equipped with dual driver controls (which can be disenabled), the vehicles can be used by learners, as well as to take the exams for obtaining or converting one’s license.


  • • Electronic under ring accelerator.
  • • Long vertical brake arm.
  • • Infrared control unit, can be positioned both to the right and left.
  • • Inverted left hand accelerator.
  • • Dual controls in driver training vehicles.


Handytechrent provides vehicles equipped for transporting wheelchair users. These vehicles can be equipped with a lowered platform or with a manual lift or ramp, plus the appropriate anchorage for the wheelchair and passenger.

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