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Wheelchairs transport


Handytech is constantly engaged in the research and design of equipment solutions to meet the needs of private customers, organizations and associations operating in the social and health sector, perfecting and improving classic solutions such as the installation of electro-hydraulic lifts or ramps on high roof vehicles, and developing in parallel innovative solutions with exclusive floor lowering systems.

Wheelchair restraint systems are integrated into the vehicle and provide the necessary space to comfortably accommodate the passenger in the wheelchair and other occupants. They are designed and customized so that they are easy to use, comfortable for the passenger in a wheelchair and safe.

Customizable accessories that can be adapted to different types of vehicles, different tastes and needs complete our fitting solutions, accommodating 4/5/6 passengers on the seats, plus a passenger in a wheelchair.


All Handytech equipment and adaptations are CE certified, comply with the relevant national regulations and are authorised by the major car manufacturers. Several of them have also been granted European Type Approval